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We are a contemporary church committed to honoring our heritage. Our worship at CFBC is Gospel-Centered and the elements included in the Worship Service on most Sundays are music, prayer, a message from our Senior Pastor from God’s Word. We plan for Believer's Baptism on the first Sunday of each month and the Lord's Supper on the second Sunday of every other month. 


Sunday's at 9:15am and 10:45am
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Sunday School is the place to experience life-oriented Bible study within the context of an active, caring community of people. Each Sunday Morning our Sunday Schools offer strength and accountability for living out the Christian faith every day of the week.

Click Here to see a list of Sunday School classes offered at CFBC!

6th grade - 12th grade

1st - 5th grade

Birth - K

  • What do we do when we arrive?
    On your first Sunday, come to the Preschool desk and we will have you fill out a registration form to add your baby to the computer system. We will give you a name tag for your baby and a security tag to pick them up. The next week, your baby will be in the computer and someone from the preschool desk will show you have to check them in.
  • What do I bring for my child?
    Items you can bring for your child include diapers or extra underwear if potty training, an extra pair of clothes, wipes, labeled bottles or sippy cups, and/or pacifiers.
  • What happens if my child is crying and needs me?
    If your child is upset, we first try to console them by walking in the halls or pushing them in the stroller. If they are still not settled, we will text the number we have on file, as well as, put the last four digits on the screens in the worship center.
  • Will my child eat a snack during service?
    During the 11:00 hour, snacks (puffs or wafer crackers) will be provided for toddlers through K classes. Due to allergies we strive to be a peanut free facility.
  • How do I sign up for baby dedication?
    We offer baby dedication throughout the year, but will typically be in March and September. Dates will be posted on the church website.
  • What is CFBC's sick policy?
    Parents are asked NOT to bring their child to the preschool area if ANY of the following conditions exist: - Temperature of 100.4 degrees orally or greater in the later 24 hours - Vomiting - Diarrhea in the last 24 hours -Severe coughing - Significant persistent nasal drainage which is green or yellow in color - Common cold - Sore throat - Pink eye or eye infection - Head lice - Unusual fatigue or irritability - Any unexplained lesions - Open skin lesions -Any symptom of infectious childhood disease
  • What happens if my child has an allergy?
    If your child has an allergy, please make sure that our staff knows. If it is your child's first time, we will make a note on their name sticker. If they have come before, a note will be printed on their name sticker. A list of children with food allergies are displayed in every classroom.
  • What if my child has special needs?
    In John 9:1-3, Jesus healed the blind man and told the people that this man was born blind so that God’s mighty works could be shone to all. This scripture is the foundation for our ministry entitled “STARS". In STARS, our mission is to welcome your entire family into a loving, encouraging and bible-based fellowship of believers. We seek to make special needs families feel welcome here at CFBC by providing a safe environment for their family members to share the good news of Jesus Christ with each of them in a way that reaches their hearts and minds. There’s a place for every member of God’s family and we are committed to helping yours find a comfortable place to belong. The STARS ministry serves ages newborns through elementary ages. We offer a Sunday morning Buddy Program if needed for Children and Youth. For more information about our STARS ministry, contact Lisa Lovett at
  • What happens if there is medical concern?
    Typically, an injury can be treated with a little TLC. We do have a minor first aide kit in each classroom with band-aides, gauze, and more. Parents will always be told of any accident or injury, no matter how small, when they arrive to pick up their child. If any medical treatment is given or leaves a mark, an accident report must be filled out by a teacher in the classroom.
  • When can our baby come to his/her preschool room?
    Although we prefer baby be at least six weeks old, doctors now recommend eight weeks or when baby begin their shots.
  • How do we pick up our child?
    When you return, please provide the security tag that you received when you checked in. If you lose it, you will be asked to return to the preschool desk and we will give the teacher permission to release your child. If we are unfamiliar with you, we will ask to see your drivers license. PLEASE NOTE: Only adults are allowed to pick up children (no siblings under 18 may pick up)
  • What are your safety and security procedures in case of fire?
    Each room has an evacuation route that must be followed. Babies/crawlers/new walkers will be placed in an evacuation bed and wheeled out of the building. Each teacher is required to take their class rolls and retake their attendance when they arrive at their destination. Parents are asked not to take your child while in route to their designated area as this can become very distracting for the teacher. Children may be released as soon as teachers take attendance and the "All Clear" is given. Security stickers will be used the same way to pick up your child.
  • What are the safety and security measures in case the building goes under lock down?
    Every classroom is notified that we are locked down. Teachers will close & lock the upper portion of their doors (lower doors are always locked). Children will be moved into the bathrooms with their teachers until a staff or security team member unlocks the door and give them the "all clear". Children may be released at that time. Depending on the type of emergency, the main entrance doors to the preschool area will close and lock. They can be opened by the Staff and Security Team.
  • Can parents take a tour of the Preschool area and Mother's Room?
    We will gladly give a tour of the Preschool Area. Please contact Jamie Azar, our Preschool Ministry Director, and she will schedule that with you. The mother's room is available anytime the church is open. We have a screen to watch the service and snacks for moms to enjoy. Dads are not allowed in the mother's room.
  • How can someone reserve The Treehouse for an event?
    If you'd like to reserve The Treehouse, please fill out the Facility Event Request form located at the bottom of our site. This is located in Forms.
  • What if I need to nurse my child, but he/she is not in a classroom?
    Our Mother's Room is available anytime the church is open. You are welcome to use it if needed! We have a screen to watch the service and snacks for moms to enjoy. Dads are not allowed in the mother's room.
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