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Men's Ministry

Christianity is the only major religion with a man shortage. At CFBC we strive to come alongside of our men and help them glorify God as they walk towards fulfilling His purpose for their lives. 

Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry is designed for women of all ages to know that they are uniquely gifted by God. To support and encourage women in using the gifts God has given them, the Women’s Ministry provides ladies with opportunities to grow deeper in their faith through Bible studies and mentoring, to share their faith, to participate in missions' activities, to gather for fellowship, and to support women in various seasons of life.

Marriage & More

The purpose of the Marriage & More Ministry is to provide opportunities to equip, prepare, strengthen, and encourage couples in our church & community through the help of God's Word, the Holy Spirit, and God’s people to grow healthy Christ-centered marriages. 


D-groups create a relational environment where true life-on-life discipleship can flourish. These groups are for followers of Jesus who are ready to be challenged to put their faith into action. Leading one of these groups is a highlight of my week. I am praying that you too will commit yourself to the joy of the discipleship journey!

Sunday School

Sunday School is the place to experience life-oriented Bible study within the context of an active, caring community of people. Each Sunday Morning our Sunday Schools offer strength and accountability for living out the Christian faith every day of the week.

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