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our worship ministry exists to


Exalt God in Worship


Equip Believers with Biblical and Musical Knowledge


Engage the world

with the Gospel

Our normal worship services meet each Sunday at 9:15AM & 10:45AM. 

Our service is broadcasted online both hours. We'll use multiple musical styles and songs, performed with utmost excellence. We'll play songs you'd hear on the radio. We'll sing hymns that have been sung for centuries, worship songs we've written, and songs from other churches around the world; all with the goal of helping people just like you encounter Jesus. 

When it comes to worship, God is the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent one, and the believer’s worship must be pleasing to Him, and thus never taken lightly or done carelessly. In order for worship to be acceptable, it must be in the name of Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit, and in conformity with the Word of God.


Are you interested in being involved in the worship ministry? We have a dynamic Worship Choir, an incredible Worship Band, and a professional Production Team (Audio/Video/Lighting).

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